Installation Problem with Rocky-8-XFCE-x86_64-latest

Hi nazunalika:

Since my “big disappointment” report yesterday, I’ve had two more
attempts with the kickstart process, unfortunately with similar failures
characterized by the same error message, “Service org.fedoraproject.
Anaconda.Modules.Storage has failed to start”.

For these two tests, I switched from the Rocky-8-XFCE-latest platform to
Rocky-8.7-minimal Server with basic Development Tools installed.
Immediately after installation, I installed the “RPM Development Tools”
group, epel-release, and enabled Rocky powertools also. For the one test, the
Rocky-8.7-minimal was installed on the HP Compaq DC5800; for the
other, Rocky-8.7-minimal was installed on the Compaq Presario with the
aid of the two inst.dd statements.

I’m certain that I’ve been using a clean version of rocky-8-xfce-elrepo.ks.
I found that at Sign in · GitLab
Rocky-8-XFCE.ks, there is a download icon at the far right end of the title
line on the screen, so a direct download of the .ks can be obtained avoiding
any errors that could be caused by a copy/paste of the .ks contents.
Therefore, rocky-8-xfce-elrepo.ks is created by editing Rocky-8-XFCE.ks to
add the elrepo-specific lines.
I’ve read some articles on the web that come up by searching with the
“Service org.fedoraproject …” error message, but none so far pin-pointing
a solution.

To be continued …

Len E.