Install RL 9 along side mxlinux

I would like to install RL 9 on a usb3 drive to show how Linux will run with widows. I have MX Linux installed. Present Partitioning .sda 1 400 Mb fat 32 EFI, sda 2 MX, sda 3 ext 4, sda 4 ndfs storage. and 4gb swap. Will this work for RL?

Not sure what you mean by “with”, you mean both running at the same time?

I guess I should have said dual boot linux and windose.

For dual boot there are different options, for example:

  1. Choose a “master” o/s where the initial boot offers a menu of the different o/s to boot into. The downside of this, is that if the initial boot gets corrupted, you lose all your o/s in one go.

  2. Use the boot selection in the BIOS, e.g. F8 to actually change to a different disk before the o/s even starts. This allows each o/s to be completely independent, you can wipe one without affecting the others.

  3. An alternative is to use virtual machines instead. e.g. install Rocky to real hardware as a single boot o/s, then install the other inferior o/s as guest machines.