How to install arm64

Hi, I tried to install Rocky 8.4 on a sopine A64 board and also on a pine64 Rockpro64, I didn’t come further than a black screen. I put the image on a micro sd card with a bootable flag.
I tried other distro to with the same result except from armbian which is installable. But I want to use Rocky for Kubernates (k8s).
I think that I missing something to be able to install Rocky. What is the correct way to do so.

thanks in advanced.

Matt van Gerwen

Greetings @mattvangerwen
Welcome to Rocky!
You might want to try and adding the SIG/AltArch Channel to ask there. I know there’s at least one person who has mentioned Pine64 there. I don’t have either of the boards you do, however, I do have a small cluster of RPI4’s that are running Rocky + Rancher RKE2 for my K8s dev playground.

Hope this helps.