How do we prematurely kill a start job?

I just installed an OS image that I built on Virtual Box. I installed it on an OpenStack based system. The platform administrator manages to install the image. But when it boots, it gets stuck in initramfs mode. I press ctrl+alt+del to restart the image with rescue kernel so that I can run “dracut --force --regenerate-all” to successfully fix this boot issue.

My problem: after pressing ctrl+alt+del, I have to wait 30 minutes before I am able to reboot the OS in rescue mode. Is there a means to terminate the start job seen in the screen shot sooner than 30 minutes? Nevermind the screenshot. The image was installed early today but I only pressed ctrl+alt+del over 8 hours later.

If you have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL, it probably means there something more serious going wrong, the “start job” is just an artefact of something bigger…

Thanks @gerry666uk
For some reason it fails to load the disk information. But dracut --force does help repair the issue once I boot with the rescue kernel. But it is just a pain to wait for 30 minutes before being able to reboot.