Extra characters in package names after kernel

What’s the purpose and meaning of the extra hex characters after the kernel number in appstream packages?

Example: python38-cffi-1.13.2-3-module+el8.4.0+570+c2eaf144

The packages in CentOS and RHEL repositories have different characters after 8.4.0 so my patch scanner (Tenable Nessus) is incorrectly detecting them as out of date.

The part after the version string/number, is the release string (3-module+el8.4.0+570+c2eaf144).
Because the package is part of a so called “application stream” it looks a bit cryptic. The last parts of such release value are generated from the git repo where the code is hosted. Thats explains also why rhel vs centos release do also have different “strings”.

Thanks, I had figured it was something along those lines but your answer will help me document the false positive.