Ethernet Network interface disapears after 'Server with GUI' group installation

Hello everyone, downloaded the Raspberry Pi image and tried to install the ‘Server with GUI’ group. Get the following error while installing the kernel-core package:

 Running scriptlet: kernel-core-5.14.0-284.11.1.el9_2.aarch64          819/819
cp: cannot stat '/lib/modules/5.14.0-284.11.1.el9_2.aarch64/bls.conf': No such file or directory
sed: can't read /boot/loader/entries/594d27317ad145bc809ed22593309cd9-0-rescue.conf: No such file or directory
warning: %posttrans(kernel-core-5.14.0-284.11.1.el9_2.aarch64) scriptlet failed, exit status 2

Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package kernel-core

After rebooting the network connection is gone. The ethernet interface still showes up after using the ifconfig command. NetworkManager is running. Interface is not shown in nmtui window.

I’m sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I’m unable to connect to the machine and take screenshots so I had to take them with my phone.

Does anyone know what may be the cause and how to solve it?

Feel free to ask for further information in the comments. Thank you in advance!