Community Update - December 2020

What are you referring to?

AWS is available in China, so I probably misunderstood what you meant by “commercial regions”. I thought you wanted to use another web service by working with a company in China

Nope. We’ll be using AWS in China, it just takes committing to deploying there because otherwise what you deploy in any of the standard (commercial) regions won’t be replicated to China, as it’s isolated.


Thanks for the status update, looks great so far and thanks for starting this project


I could not wait to share the journey with Rockylinux.

Thank you for the great update!!..We would love to see Rocky Linux becoming first and farmost the best freely available enterprice OS even much better than CentOS, Perhaps surpassing the RHEL!!
Many Thanks!!

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Who can I speak to about sponsorship in the form of communication, marketing, PR/media relations and UX support?

Hey @dawid, welcome! We’ll be in touch, thanks.

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Has the actual package build started?

No. We will be communicating more precise timelines in our next community update (early next week), but our build infrastructure is slated to be in place by the end of January.

Thanks for @ALL the update

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Cool !!! I hope that Rocky Linux will be published soon.