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I’d like to see a brief ‘history’ of the CentOS project over the past ten years or so to get a better idea of where we came from and how we arrived here.
One thing that I don’t quite understand is how the community lost control to RedHat in the first place. Did they provide sponsorship and required control of the project as a stipulation?

I realize that RedHat has been a benevolent administrator and that we appreciate that but in order to avoid losing control of Rocky to corporations in the future, I believe some history would be good to absorb.

Companies vs. Communities

It’d be comforting to know that the Rocky community will continue to maintain control and direction of the project.

Here’s a YouTube video by “FastGadgets” that has answered many of my questions concerning corporate management of a linux project:

[RIP CentOS…Is Fedora Next?](RIP CentOS...Is Fedora Next? - YouTube)

So was IBM instrumental in ending CentOS support? Will Fedora be the next most logical fatality to move development personnel to CentOS Stream? Some people are obviously nervous about losing stability of their servers that are Fedora based. Which brings us to the need for Rocky and why this project has met with such enthusiasm and encouragement.