8.6 upgrade problems [Resolved]

No need to apologise :slight_smile: I used to use Mandrake/Mandriva back in the day, so somewhere around 2005 - 2007 and I used to or rather attempt to use some third-party repos to get the latest and greatest KDE than what was included with the distro. If you have the patience for it, it’s fine. I was new to Linux back then, so a newbie, lack of knowledge. Things were more problematic back then. Cut a long story short, I ditched the third-party repos and just lived with what was there. I only play around if I know I can fix it :slight_smile: otherwise I just keep it simple.

I am the original poster of this Topic.


This may have solved your issue, but perhaps you might clear the “Resolved” flag – there at least two more users that seem to have a related issue.

I thought about that, and I am not going to do that for the following reasons:

  1. My issue as I posted was actually resolved by the solution I posted. So I think the Resolved tag is accurate and appropriate.

  2. There are no moderators or I believe forum codes of conduct for this forum (and that is fine), but if you look at major forums such as Wordpress, there is a rule that says that if a person has a similar issue to one that is posted by someone else, that person should start their own separate issue and not add to an existing one. For reasons explained below.

  3. The similarity between my issue and your issue is the symptom (Problems reported) but the causes are different and so is the solution. If you had the same cause as me, then the same solution would have worked. This is another good reason to post your own issue.

  4. Adding to my post (as some others have done as well) makes for a “soup” of individual posts with different causes, trouble shooting and possible solutions.


Is Gnome a better choice? I thought I was choosing mainstream-vanilla when I chose KDE/Plasma. Is there a way to migrate from KDE/Plasma to Gnome without rebuilding the world from bits?

Yes, absolutely Gnome is a better choice since it is supported and incorporated into RHEL and hence Rocky. Using other desktops can lead to the issues you are having.

I learned the hard way many years ago, when I was using Fedora, an upstream of RHEL and hence Rocky, to not install a 3rd party desktop environment, like KDE.

One key Gnome extension that you may find helpful is Dash to Panel. It converts Gnome to more of a windows or KDE style where there is a bar at bottom of screen


Blaming the user/customer is not the most effective way to either build a community or solve a problem.

I don’t see anyone blaming you for anything. And the people trying to help you out on here, are some of the most helpful people I have met on any forum, they have helped me often and much. And I believe that Rocky Linux, the OS and the community and the forum are already a well developed and strong, helpful community.


For example, is Gnome a more mainstream choice?

If you look into Gnome, such as:

You will see:
GNOME is the default desktop environment on many major Linux distributions including Debian, Endless OS, Fedora Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Ubuntu, and Tails; as well as Solaris, a Unix operating system.


Is there a deterministic way to migrate from KDE/Plasma to Gnome?

I am not sure if you are aware, but Gnome comes as the default DE with the full DVD ISO of Rocky. I wonder if maybe you installed KDE because you used the minimal version of Rocky which may not come with a DE.

During install of the full ISO you can choose the Workstation option which will install Gnome.

Since the install takes maybe 20 minutes, if I was in your situation, I would back up my data and reinstall Rocky in this way. Very deterministic and probably quicker and less frustrating than trying to move to Gnome on an existing install. Hope that helps.


I just want this work, I don’t want to argue about it. I’ve been a professional software developer since 1982 – I understand that bugs happen, and they don’t provoke angst or drama in me.

I dont see anyone arguing with you.

Based one eg your questions about Gnome being mainstream, maybe you are fairly new to Linux and the problems you are having are due to your inexperience.

I just want my system to work when I turn it on.

So does everyone :slight_smile: I have been using Rocky since its inception, as my main home OS and it works every time I turn it on, several times a day.


I appreciate your comment.

I’m not new to linux or to Rocky Linux. More than anything else, I’m cranky because I have several other projects that I’m forced to defer work on until I get my main machine stabilized.

I suspect that my issues are mostly a result of trying to keep up with a multitude of moving parts (including the non-trivial question of how to get a reasonable backup done). I agree that my decision to install KDE/Plasma last fall was a mistake.

I have an older hardware system, I think I may use it as a sandbox. I’ll just take my time and stay with it until I get my world stabilized again.

Ok, I hope you get things resolved quickly and can be productive again :slight_smile:

> No need to apologise :slight_smile: I used to use Mandrake/Mandriva back in the day,

:smile: You too?? :smile:

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Hmmm… Funny… I administer 3 servers running Rocky. I have installed and set-up the “dnf-automatic” service. I got an email from each server notifying me of the applied updates, I rebooted each (as I do anytime the Kernel gets updated), and they came back up in v. 8.6, no issues at all…

Kernel is not the only package that makes a reboot preferable. See